Dean speaking to a new group.
Introduction: Dean began his acting career at a young age.  Before Dean began to train and work with a talent agent he was writing and acting for his Church. Dean would also travel to other cities for the performances.  Taking it a step further he began working out of Texas doing commercials and modeling includding his first national commercial for Chef Boyardee at the age of 17.  After a taste of success, he moved to Los Angeles, where modeling landed him working for many top designers and magazines, such as Blackbook, Nylon, and Men's Health. While in Los Angeles, Dean also began studying with renowned acting coach, Aaron Speiser, named "2009 Best Scene Study Coach" by Backstage West. Dean studied under Aaron during his eight years in California from beginning class to master and on.  Dean still frequents Aaron's class knowing that you never stop learning! Dean's film career has had him on shows such as 7th Heaven, Bonnie & Clyde, CSI NY, How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs, Army Wives, TREME, Drop Dead Diva, Vampire Diaries, GreenLeaf, Ravenswood, and more.  
He has been the lead in many independent feature films such as Sunset Junction, and Indecent Justice, along with the lead in larger productions such as The Starving Games and Skyler to name a few. He has also worked along side many talented actors in supporting roles such as Terrence Howard, Liv Tyler, Charlie Hunnam, and that was just on The Ledge. Other films such as The Butler, Arena, Love Wedding Marriage, and Never back down 2 boast a list of A list talent combined. Watch for him in the up coming film LBJ starrring Woody Harrelson!
Dean started writting and producing his own projects in 2006 starting with short films and original content.  Since then Dean has produced over 5 short films 2 pilots and 2 Feature Films.
"I have worked with some of the best actors in the world. I consider Dean in their class!" - Aaron Speiser/ACTING COACH to the stars.



**Emerging Actor Spotlight Award- International HRIFF ‘Skyler’**

**Best lead actor- Los Angeles Art-House Film Festival-‘Skyler’**

     Drop Dead Diva