Methods are a way of teaching an actor.                                              

They come in many different forms and every acting coach uses what they feel is the best.

Dean does not feel one method will work for everyone as everyone learns in a different capacity.  Dean focuses on balancing the human being.  Working on the Ego so that you are focused and able to freely think, feel, love, or hate without judgement.  Auditions are different than scene work the same as Stage is different than Film. 

        "Until the age of 6 we are sponges, our concious mind is not running our lives yet.  Our subconcious mind is ungaurded and free to trust whole heartidly anything it hears.   That being said whatever you learn until that age is what we call our belief system.  Many human beings will never quiestion those things through out their life.  I want you to question everything.  I challenge you to question everything you were ever told no matter the source.  I challenge you to think for yourself.  Our school systems teaches us to remember and then regergitate.  That is not learning.  Once you are free to believe whatever you want, the sky is the limit.  You are a creator in this world and I want to help you find that full potential."  Dean West